Mundruczó: Pieces of a Woman

Award-winning theatre performance by TR Warszawa (PL) directed by Kornél Mundruczó (HU)

The award-winning theatre performance by TR Warszawa (PL) directed by Kornél Mundruczó.
Premiering in 2018, the play is a stirring vision of modern women who fight for their right to make decisions about their own lives. A family story set in Central Europe whose universal message is underlined by multiple awards from Athens to Avignon and the highly-acclaimed film’s popularity on Netflix.

Photo:Natalia Kabanow
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4, 5 May 7:00 PM 

Premiered in 2018, this production is a disturbing vision of modern women who are fighting for their right to make decisions on their own lives. The general relevance of the story of a family, set in Central Europe, is evidenced by the resounding success of the production from Avignon to Athens as well as by the number of views of the film adaptation on Netflix.

Faced with a loss, a young woman’s attitude to her prior life is fundamentally challenged. Thus, in this tragedy, she does not only lose the one she has loved the most, but herself as well. Does she get a chance to redefine her life if she follows her heart instead of her mind for the first time in her life?

In the age of political correctness and #metoo when everything is labelled, we think every sin must entail punishment and where there is no culprit, we cry guilty. Is it not our correctness that makes us narrow-minded?

Kornél Mundruczó was awarded with the Best Director award in the 2018/2019 season in Poland, for a virtuoso realisation of an intimate narrative combined with cinematic elements.

Four out of the seven actors of the production received awards at the Kalisz Theatre Meeting; Justyna Wasilewska, who plays the female protagonist, won the Teatr magazine’s Aleksander Zelwerowicz Award for best actress.

The production gained the Jury’s Main Prize at the International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival in Krakkow.

A Pieces of a Woman comes to the Budapest Spring Festival after Avignon Festival (FR), Athens & Epidaurus Festival (GR), Romaeuropa Festival (IT), Sirenos Festival (LT), Hamburg and Amsterdam.


A performance in Polish, with Hungarian and English subtitles.


Recommended for audiences over the age of 16



Director – Kornél Mundruczó

Text, adaptation – Kata Wéber
Assistant playwright – Soma Boronkay
Set design, costumes – Monika Pormale
Music – Asher Goldschmidt
Lighting director – Paulina Góral


Dobromir Dymecki, Monika Frajczyk, Magdalena Kuta, Sebastian Pawlak, Marta Ścisłowicz, Justyna Wasilewska, Agnieszka Żulewska

Camera and sound on stage – Łukasz Jara , Łukasz Winkowski

Assistant director – Karolina Gębska
Stage manager – Katarzyna Gawryś-Rodriguez

Simultaneous, written translation – Dr Patrycja Paszt
Text translation – Jolanta Jarmołowicz

Set designer assistant, production manager – Karolina Pająk

Costume designer assistant –  Małgorzata Nowakowska

Production: TR Warszawa
Partner of the performance: Centre of Hungarian Culture in Warsaw (Liszt Intézet | Magyar Kulturális Központ Varsó)



1137 Budapest, Szent István krt. 14.


1137 Budapest, Szent István krt. 14.

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