Because together we are more diverse and stronger

Why stick to a strictly defined genre? This festival is also an opportunity to showcase exciting associations and hidden networks. It is up to you to explore what connections and associations you make, how you relate to the phenomena that shape our lives and how you relate to other people. Here are some events and activities to help you freely redefine and transform the connections and associations you make.

1 May = beer, sausages, hurray in the park? How about going outdoors for May Day with joy and a smile on your face? On Margaret Island, at the May Day of Free Spaces, there will be no obligatory parade, state wishing show or sausage-eating, but an exciting and meaningful experience thanks to some of the country’s coolest

independent organisations. If you feel an increasing need of a space where you are free to embrace who you are and where you can be part of a community, this is the place for you at Crystal Stage.

Let us move on freely: It is the second time that Freeszfe, which was also our partner at Budapest Autumn Festival, has organised Freeszemle (Free Fim Festival), where freedom will be the main topic. The six-day programme features the works of independent filmmakers, theatrical performances by Freeszfe, discussions, university lectures, NGO meetings and an auction, at superb venues – CEU, Király Bath and Marczi – between 10 and 15 May.

There exists an alternative Budapest, ALT.BP, which you can explore together throughout the festival, between 29 April and 15 May. City buildings, spaces and

corners, abandoned warehouses and refurbished industrial complexes hide a pulsating mass made up of art and creative energy, forming a vibrant web of Budapest’s underground scene. Cultural hubs pulsating with the artistic and creative energies of progressive creators are now linked into a subcultural mini-festival in ten venues. And these are just a few examples of what it looks like when, at Budapest Spring Festival, the city connects – #cityofmingling.