The city together – the districts together

Budapest is made up of 23 districts, each a distinct and unique universe, a mini city whose built heritage, traditions, cultural scene and creative groups have a unique character and contribute to the city’s distinctive identity. This spring, the festival offers an ever-expanding access to discover these features, with a focus on Districts 3, 15 and 22, in addition to our existing partners Districts 1, 2, 8 and 11.

We are moving out of the busy Inner City and into the less visible parts of the city where there are some very exciting events and initiatives. You can explore the public spaces of District 15 and the Budapest Public Utilities site, located there, the history of the Roman Coast and the former Goldberger Factory in Óbuda (District 3), the private creative workshop called Art Quarter Budapest in District 22, and the cellars, courtyards and rehabilitated Danube bank section of Budafok, which may not be familiar enough to those who do not live in the area.

In the thousand-faced Óbuda, a vibrant cultural life fills the cobbled squares, old-style salons, the impressive Roman and Jewish heritage sites, industrial monuments and the promenade along the Roman Coast (Római Part). The squares, streets, parks and woods of District 15 can be rediscovered in the hallmark of reopening. Local artists and nationally renowned artists alike represent openness to novelty, to the reuse, recycling and reimagining of public spaces at this year’s festival. The long stretching District 22 opposite Csepel Island, with its wild Danube bank, its cobbled streets winding down the hillside, its intricate basement system hidden under ancient houses and the AQB, a former brewery turned into one of the city’s most exciting art hubs, will be on show at the 42nd Budapest Spring Festival.

Our district events are available here.