In addition to our traditional offerings by genre, you can browse, pick and enjoy Budapest Spring Festival's programmes based on various concepts this year. We offer six themed walks for those interested in women's perspectives, subcultural approaches, sustainable future, the European idea, family programmes and unusual uses of urban space.


Our city's hidden treasures are subcultural circles, its secret resources are grassroots organisations that shed new light on our reality and dare to question its phenomena.


What planet have we inherited and what can we do to protect it? This is perhaps our most important common cause today, which is why we are exploring it in a wide variety of genres.


Budapest is part of Europe's cultural bloodstream: it is in dialogue with international art and makes its own tangible, timeless value propositions.


Often repressed points of view or suppressed opinions emerge boldly and in diverse forms because all women poets are poets- moreover, this year in Hungary, Mother's Day falls on the same day as Labour Day.


Art is, in fact, everywhere. Notice it, listen to it, let it reveal itself from new perspectives in public spaces that seem familiar.


Programmes to keep the whole family busy: children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents, in all possible combinations!