Dance, space, parade – Take possession of the city!

Throughout the festival, we will have plenty of opportunities to creatively subvert our community spaces, to take possession of them for artistic purposes, to learn more about their history and to enjoy being together.

What’s a shop window good for?
Thanks to its reflective surface, you can adjust your misaligned skirt or askew tie with a sneaky glance. Or you can munch on your breakfast in front of it while you feast your eyes on sparkling diamonds – just like Audrey Hepburn did in that iconic film (Breakfast at Tiffany’s). You too can find similar treasures if you visit one of our exciting sites as part of last year’s successful initiative kirakART [‘shop window art’]. The event series which is held from 13 to 15 May, will encompass both Pest and Buda, with theatrical performances, exhibitions, installations, light shows, and who knows what else is in store for you. TÁP Action Group’s street theatre, for instance, adapts all its performances to the specific venue (on 14 May on Gárdonyi Square), making them unique and unrepeatable. Seek out unique experiences from Átrium to Jurányi House and MU and StúdióK Theatre, to mention but a few.

Vacation on the Római Part (Beach)
If you like wandering in the past, either in space or time, you will like our next offer, Remény Park Bt. When we think of the Római Part, we associate it with relaxing leisure activities. But it also has another, controversial, side, into which you can get an insight by listening to activists, experts and local patriots (29 and 30 April).

Step by step
It is also a good way to get out of our rat race if you literally walk in a different way – backwards, this time. Dutch-Belgian artist Johannes Bellinkx brings us (13-15 May) this great perspective-changing programme. Reverse is inspired by Asian and African cultures’ perception of time, which does not follow the linearity we are so familiar with. If you turn your back on everything you have taken for granted, suddenly the space opens up in front of you. It is perfectly safe to participate in this activity where a hypnotic sound installation composed from the sounds of the city provides the background music.

Let’s bust a groove on Saturday!
… and if we are making music, we might as well dance at the Spring DanceSpace! On a beautiful Saturday, it is a shame to stay at home, so come out to our festival-opening dance party in Madách Square where the music will be playing from morning till night on 30 April. The day starts with folk dances, getting a little romantic before lunch (when Argentinian tango is played) and in the afternoon you can find out what the real West Coast swing is like.

For more details check out the filter of the experience path on the website: #spacemaker