Mummy, Daddy and children – come along!

All generations can celebrate together at the Budapest Spring Festival. Here are some of the activities for the whole family. Children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents are welcome, regardless of age.

You can fly all the way back to Roman times at the XXXIst Floralia Festival in the ruin garden of Aquincum, where the festival of the fertility-giving goddess Flora has a long tradition. Welcome spring in the spirit of Roman tradition with open-air theatre performances, reminiscent of the ancient Roman spring festival, from 29 April to 1 May.

On 30 April, an adventurous fairy tale awaits children between 5-10 years old, who, as the knights of King Casimir, will seek out the mysterious new resident of the Magic Forest of the Kiscell Museum to solve the controversial question: how many heads does the Dragon with the Many Heads have?

Kolibri30. The Kolibri [Hummingbird] Theatre has come of age: the hit shows of the past 30 years will be revisited with lots of fun, words, puppets, music, the company and the invited guests on 14 May. The festivities will last a whole day, for all ages, young and old alike. Happy birthday! ????

On the same day, Magdolna Courtyard welcomes families for a day of reminiscence. Known for its former vineyards and cellars, Budafok-Tétény invites you on a playful journey into the past and present of the district. At a local history photo exhibition, you can explore the past and present faces of the old streets and squares, while children will be entertained by storytellers and introduced to the tools and work processes of old crafts.

For more thematic events and activities of #withkids please check out the filter of the thematic path on the website.