There exists an alternative Budapest

Our city’s hidden treasures are the subcultural circles and the secret resources are the grassroots organisations that shed new light on our reality and strongly question its phenomena. The #altview programme will take you into the hidden world of Budapest if you join us!

The artists of the art quarter budapest art centre at Budafok will open their studios on 14 and 15 May, and welcome everyone to the AQB Open House Festival with studio visits, art exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, dance and music performances.

A spinning craft and potluck workshop will be held at the Benedek Virág House on 30 April.  The workshop “Who are we?” will reflect on personal Hungarian identity, and artists from different artistic disciplines will sit around a table and conjure up a spinning crafts session.

From 5 to 9 May, the puppets will take centre stage. This year, Budapest Puppet Theatre’s Festival Without Strings is for adults who love puppet theatre: a guest performance every night, with talks and audience meetings.

Have you ever been to an immersive digital exhibition? In the world of Cinema Mystica, the boundaries between reality and vision are blurred, and the viewer becomes part of the artwork. At the opening of the exhibition, from 13 to 15 May, the audience will be warmed up with concerts: electronic ambient, techno, audio-visual productions, VJ shows and world music in a new cult venue, the Chrystal Theatre on Margaret Island.