Circus Free

Cirque Inextremiste (FR): Damoclès

Participatory circus performance

Cirque Inextremiste (FR): Damoclès

Ready for risk? Be the hero of this partipatory production by the French Cirque Inextremiste mixing dance, street art and music.


Madách Imre Square

Madách Imre Square



1. May 2024 11:00  Registration
1. May 2024 17:00  Registration

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Living is risky – that’s what gives it its unique flavour and colour. Facing uncertainty and difficulties makes us reflect on our actions and relationships. Through this participatory performance, you will not have to do it all alone. Participants will face obstacles in groups while asking themselves and their peers powerful and profound questions. Can we trust one another and decide on a common course of action? Can we all be the leader of the group?
Running time: 50 minutes




Concept: Yann Ecauvre

Performed by: Yann Ecauvre and Julie Delaire

Technical director: Fabrice Dominici

Production: Jérôme Souchet


The event is supported by the French Institute


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