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Rimini Protokoll (DE): Home Visit Europe

Participatory performance in your living room

Rimini Protokoll (DE): Home Visit Europe

What is Europe actually: a geographic border, a cultural identity, a coalition of states?


Private apartments in different locations in Budapest



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For most of us, it’s an idea too theoretical. Renowned theatrical company Rimini Protokoll literally brings home this abstract idea of Europe in the immediacy of the living room of private apartments. Big ideas are rarely presented so intimately as in the Home Visit Europe performance. How much Europe do you have in you? Become part of interweaving personal stories and the political mechanisms of Europe and find out.



Concept / Script / Direction: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
Dramaturgy: Katja Hagedorn
Interaction Design: Grit Schuster, Hans Leser, Mirko Dietrich
Assistance Interaction Design: Philipp Arnold
Setting: Belle Santos, Lena Mody
Assistance Setting: Ran Chai Bar-zvi
Production Management: Anna Florin, Juliane Männel
Production Management Touring: Louise Stölting
Technical Direction: Sven Nichterlein

Master of Ceremony Tour: Anton Rose
Technical Support Tour: Claes Schwennen, Hans Leser, Sven Nichterlein

The programme is in cooperation with the Placcc Festival with the support of the Goethe-Institut and Sandwich Bar community hub.



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