Faix Csaba

Csaba Faix

CEO of Budapest Brand

Budapest Brand brings culture from marble halls to public spaces, contributing to the vibrant and varied offer of the capital city. We work to provide residents and visitors with opportunities to participate in easily accessible, unique, and high-quality experiences. With our programmes, we strive to showcase the stories and hidden faces of Budapest, and the talent of its emerging artists and communities.


This is the aim of the renewed Budapest Spring Festival as well, which offers an excellent opportunity for encounters between artists, ideas, organisations, and participants. Our employees and partners work to establish and reinforce these bonds.


Cooperation on the district level is a key initiative because we can make the most of the urban experience if we settle into the venues where the festival has not previously reached. This spring, we are moving out of the busy inner city and into the less prominent parts of the city where extremely exciting events are offered. You can explore the public spaces of District XV and the site of the Budapest Public Utilities there, just like the stories of Roman Coast and the former Goldberger factory in Óbuda or the Art Quarter Budapest, a private art studio in District XXII, and the cellars, courtyards and the rehabilitated Danube section in Budafok, which are probably little known to those who do not live in the area.


At the opening weekend on the occasion of International Dance Day there will be dance-related surprises across the city, and most of the programmes invite you to join in. After all, we are building a free and active Budapest, a cosmopolitan city which feels like home where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, where everyone can add their own story to the common one. Join us in the festival because we are contemporaries!