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Sustainable Fashion Movements

Rezes-Tihanyi-Gerlóczi: Revived wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion Movements

Rethinking the way we dress is no longer a passing fad, but an increasingly necessary and inevitable part of our lives. Yet we often get lost in the mazes of fashion consumption, filling our wardrobes and our lives with more and more unused clothes.



Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4, 1052



4. May 2024. 21:00  Sold out

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How can fashion be sustainable? What does it even mean?


The creators of the evening, Judit Rezes, Jászai Mari Award-winning actress, Ildi Tihanyi, costume and fashion designer, and Judit Gerlóczi, CEO of Delta Produkció, are stepping out of their usual roles and joining forces for the first time in an exciting all-art show to realise their exciting experiment with committed representatives of sustainability.


Celebrity actresses, committed advocates of the issue, are invited to donate their long-unused clothes, which can be used by costume designers to recreate outfits based on their exciting ideas. The actresses and their revived outfits will be reunited in a special fashion show on 4 May at the renovated Merlin, with a variety of activities and stories!

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