The Island of Peace

a National Centre for Recreation and Integration performance - participatory game - concert

The Island of Peace

A four-day series of performances, participatory actions, and concerts by members, former and current students, and teachers of the Freeszfe Association will transport you to a dystopian Hungary of 2034.


Central European University

Budapest, Nádor u. 15, 1051



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We will visit the National Centre for Recreation and Integration, which opened in the wake of Huxit, to learn about the inhabitants of the Island of Peace and their history. Thanks to the scientific and spiritual help of the state, the volunteers are changing their thinking and behaviour to reintegrate into society, strengthening their political, ethnic, spiritual, spiritual and sexual identities. In the play following the performance, the audience forms groups and finds solutions to face their fears, projected into the future but experienced in everyday life. Under the artistic direction of Árpád Schilling, the project will conclude with a concert of original compositions by Freeszfe students.

Tickets are available from 8 March.


Actors, performers:
Artistic director of the project Árpád Schilling
Performers: former and current students of Freeszfe, civilians

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