Maladype-SARTR (BH): Susan Sontag: Alice in Bed

Co-production of MESS International Theatre Festival, SARTR, Maladype Theatre and Budapest Spring Festival.

Maladype-SARTR (BH): Susan Sontag: Alice in Bed

With unfettered fantasy, Susan Sontag’s play ‘Alice in Bed’ tells the story of Alice James (1848-1892), the sister of the world-renowned American novelist Henry James and the great psychologist and philosopher William James.

The performance will be performed in Bosnian with Hungarian and English subtitles.


Örkény István Theatre

Budapest, Madách Imre tér 6, 1075



7. May 2024. 19:00  Buy ticket

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At the age of nineteen, Alice fell into deep depression, suffered in the grip of obscure and weakening diseases, stayed for most of her life in bed, wanted to commit suicide, wrote a diary, and died at the age of forty-four in breast cancer. Zoltán Balázs, the internationally acclaimed Hungarian director, has staged the twisting, multi-plane story exploring the labyrinths of Alice’s wounded soul and the causes of perpetual family conflict.

The performance will be performed in Bosnian with Hungarian and English subtitles.

ALICE IN BED. Copyright @ Susan Sontag, 1993. All rights reserved




Alice James: Snežana Bogićević
Mother/Carer: Ana-Mia Karić
Alice’s father “Henry”: Kemal Rizvanović
Alice’s brother “Harry”: Sanjin Arnautović
Margaret Fuller: Matea Mavrak
Emily Dickinson: Hana Zrno
Hana Dickinson: Enes Kozličić


Director: Zoltán Balázs
Dramaturg: Zoltán Balázs
Set design by Zoltán Balázs
Costume Designer: Ljiljana Majkić
Mask: Sanela Aličković Ćatović
Music director: Tijana Vignjević
Music editor: Nedim Zlatar
Voice: Irhad Hodžić
Lighting by Armin Berberović, Džani Dimovski
Assistant directors: Ajla Medanhodzić, Minja Novaković
Production assistants: Lejla Hsanbegovic, Belma Jusufović
Production Managers: Katalin Balázs, Maia Salkić
Producers Sylvia Huszár, Nihad Kreševljaković

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