Welcoming words by the CEO of Budapest Brand

Csaba Faix - CEO of Budapest Brand nZrt.

Dear Festival-Goers,

In recent years, Hungary's most prestigious cultural event, the Budapest Spring Festival, which boasts a rich history, has undergone significant changes, now celebrating its 44th edition.

With its programming, the festival conveys the values of an open and solidarity-driven European metropolis, encouraging the occupation of urban spaces and fostering easy engagement while featuring representatives from both domestic and international progressive art scenes.

The 2024 edition, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s accession to the European Union, explores various programs reflecting our intellectual and emotional connection to Europe. Rather than espousing any simplifying viewpoints, it opens space for individual experiences to be understood and even collectively discussed. It offers a playful framework with world-renowned performances such as the Rimini Protokoll’s participatory game in private apartments, the Spanish Roger Bernat/FFF company’s parliamentary debate theatre or the the interactive urban movement by the French Cirque Inextremiste. 

At our opening concert, we’ll enjoy the renowned Chamber Orchestra of Europe’s performance, which, while rooted in Hungarian heritage, presents a repertoire influenced by European compositions. The Budapest JazzFest, now in its third year, brings stars of the genre to greet the accession with an outdoor concert. The cream of the region’s cinematic output will be showcased at Little Europe screenings, while Határtalan Design (’Borderless Design’) will once again provide an exciting overview of the continent’s modern material culture.

While we revel in the opportunities offered by our wonderful city, we must not forget those facing difficulties in their lives or living in the shadows of wars. Therefore, we welcome with special attention the artists fleeing from Ukraine and their performance titled Bunker Cabaret, or the guest play by the Sarajevo War Theatre, presenting Susan Sontag’s piece directed by Zoltán Balázs. Both ensembles are also preparing exhibitions, discussions, and screenings to help us better understand the background and effects of armed conflicts. We also give voice to Hungarian educators advocating for their interests through Stereo Akt’s new performance, and we provide space for elderly Budapest residents to express themselves through their own choreography, supported by the Swiss creators of Silver Boom.

Once again this year, the Budapest Spring Festival provides opportunities for quality encounters and exciting shared experiences, along with numerous surprises beyond what’s listed here. Join us, let’s celebrate the festival together this year too!


Csaba Faix
Budapest Brand nZrt.