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Hooligan Art Community (UA): Bunker Cabaret

Theatre in the bomb shelter

Hooligan Art Community (UA): Bunker Cabaret

BUNKER CABARET is a new performance by Hooligan Art Community that started life in the bomb shelters of Kyiv. Combining music, poetry, dance and film, this unique theatre event is a powerful exploration of love versus totalitarianism, and the personal conflicts of making art in a time of war. By turns ironic, raw, funny and devastating, the performance starkly reveals the artists’ individual experiences of the war while communicating a shared humanity, creating beautiful moments of connection between artists and audiences.



Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4, 1052



09. May 2024. 19:00  Buy ticket
10. May 2024. 19:00  Buy ticket

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Hooligan Art Community is an independent theatre company of Ukrainian, German and British artists, founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2019. We make performances in non-traditional spaces that explore the dynamic relationship between actor and audience. The group has worked entirely outside of the state theatre system creating work that advocates for freedom of expression and equality.

On 24 February 2022, the full-scale russian invasion brought war to all of Ukraine. The company’s work was disassembled overnight. In May 2022 they came together again remotely: women from the company travelled to a residency in Germany, but two male actors of the company remained in Ukraine. Restricted by law from leaving the country, they worked from a bomb-shelter in Kyiv, developing scenes which would become the inspiration for ‘Bunker Cabaret’. On 18 August 2022, the artists were reunited in the UK.

We are a site-responsive company touring with minimal set and props. We work with the venue location to create a show specific to that place. We require an element of community support to provide us with some of the props as the company is displaced, with no current base.

Dates and ticketing will be available soon.


Written and created by Hooligan Art Community:

Performer, Marusia Ionova

Performer, Simeon Kyslyi

Performer, Danylo Shramenko

Director, Peter Cant

Movement and Dramaturgical Consultant, Mathis Kleinschnittger

Lighting designer, Natalka Perchyshyna

Video artist, Liubov Sliusareva
Costume designer, Paul Kuraksin

Company manager, Catherine Lake

Produced by Peter Cant and Catherine Lake

With thanks to Mahogany Opera, Impossible Producing, Andrea Ferran, Mirra Zhuchkova

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