The Island of Peace

a National Centre for Recreation and Integration performance - participatory game - concert

The Island of Peace

A four-day series of performances, participatory actions, and concerts by members, former and current students, and teachers of the Freeszfe Association will transport you to a dystopian Hungary of 2034.


Crystal Stage

Budapest, Margitsziget 23800/7, 1138



12. May 2024. 16:00  Registration
12. May 2024. 19:00  Registration

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A community theatre event:


The 12 May Participation Action is an interactive game for audience members of previous performances. Dystopian ideas are projections of fears projected into the future but experienced in everyday life. The creators’ point of view is that the story told in the performance can only be avoided, or even mitigated, by the realisation of a very strong sense of solidarity. The participatory form gives us the opportunity to try to make counter-actions ourselves, not to wait for an external or higher power, but to fight for our values with our own means. While it is easy to fall into the trap of naivety, the creators still believe that we have an ethical duty to maintain hope and to explore forms of participation (in and outside of the arts). Participants will be asked to create in small and large groups, seeking solutions with the support and guidance of the game leaders. The participatory event is a collaborative development between Freeszfe’s community theatre students and tutors.



As well as thinking and doing, celebration, the opportunity to share joy, is just as important.

The series will end with a concert of joy. The songs will be composed by Freeszfe students, reflecting on our anxieties and fears, both in performance and in reality. But in this way, music and dance offer an opportunity to experience communal feelings, to let out loud and uninhibited the creative potential and hope to live that lies within us.


Actors, performers:
Artistic director of the project Árpád Schilling
Performers: former and current students of Freeszfe, civilians


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The Island of Peace

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