Halas Dóra – Nagy Fruzsina – Soharóza: E-bloc

Catwalk Concert

Halas Dóra – Nagy Fruzsina – Soharóza: E-bloc

Costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and conductor Dóra Halas created a surprising and original new genre: the catwalk concert.


Memento Park



2024.05.05. 16:00  Buy ticket
2024.05.05. 18:00  Buy ticket

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Their performance at the Memento Sculpture Park, combining theatre, choral concert and extreme fashion show, explores the socialist-communist past of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland with extravagant costumes, electronics and vocal music by the Soharóza choir. The tastes and moods of the Communist era’s social, aesthetic and everyday life inspire this international co-production. Far from nostalgia, the production is about our shared past, present and future societies and the dialogue between countries and different generations.

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