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Ssss… go to sleep, Budapest!

sleeping theatre for adults

Ssss… go to sleep, Budapest!

Sleep theatre performance - arrive in your pyjamas
When was the last time you were covered up?



Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4, 1052



2023.május.12., 16:00  Sold out
2023.május.12., 20:00  Sold out

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Angéla Eke’s innovative performance combines reading theatre with the experience of comfort and the magic of fairy tales. All this in a fabulous reclining installation, where a soft blanket painted by Anna Amélie, a pillow, calm, safety and a fairy tale await you.


ANNA AMÉLIE – cooperating partner
RNR GROUP – sponsor

Concept, director, writer, performer: Angéla Eke
Dramaturg: Zsófi Kemény
Visuals by ANNA AMÉLIE Team, Anna Oláh
Stage designer: Anna Oláh
Production Assistant: Eszter Hudák, Blanka Bocsó

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